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About Us

Our mission is to foster and facilitate the preservation and restoration of the environmental and cultural capital of Jordan through international collaborations.

We work with local and international businesses and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local communities to maximise the positive social and environmental impacts of local interventions in line with the UN Millennium Development Goals.

We create communities of practice and open the door for locals and foreigners to share knowledge and experience and to facilitate the coordination of multi-stakeholder project where government, business and SMEs, local people and visitors, and academia come together to serve our planet, and by doing so ensuring the sustainability of our societal wellbeing and economic prosperity.

Maximizing the local impact of your projects can be challenging; let’s discuss how we can help you.

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Helping you see the world with different eyes

We work with organisations, providing exceptional consulting services that cater specifically to their needs.
Respect is at the core of our values. We cultivate respect in each other’s abilities, and perspectives and most of all for Mother Nature as being fair with her, is being fair with humanity.

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Environmental Consulting

A Comprehensive Approach

SLC develops and facilitates the implementation of projects for the conservation and restoration of natural environment. We undertake: *environmental sensitivity assessments * permaculture management. *biodiversity consulting * ecosystem assessment * eco-hydrology application and management *conservation and reservoir design and management. We specialize in:

Integrated Water Management Consulting and Agriculture Development:

  • Agriculture Development: Projects evaluation and development, farms management, agriculture technology, Irrigation technologies, improvement and developments of farms projects, agriculture researches, training and awareness sessions

  • Facilitation of integrated water management.

  • Application of Eco-hydrology in restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

  • Sustainable storm-water control and management.

Restorative Development Consulting

  • Facilitation of local restorative development.

  • Local restoration economy research.

  • Visioning and restorative processes workshops.

  • Events design.

  • Project design

Capacity and Capability Building

The Path to Success

SLC develops and/or facilitates the implementation of capacity and capability development projects. We design and implement networking and knowledge transfer programmes and initiatives to engage, educate and develop the capabilities of local communities. Its grassroots beginnings and ties to the local community makes SLC the ideal partner for mobilizing local stakeholders. We specialize in:

  • Designing training and development events and workshops

  • Project management of capability development projects

  • Local logistics support of capacity building programmes

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Previous Work

Effective Consulting

Since its grassroot beginnings in 2008 as a youth movement, SLC has established strong ties with local stakeholders and attracted an international network experts across disciplines to work on a number projects and initiatives that protect, conserve and restore the local environment and promote the wellbeing of local people with the view to ensure their sustainability for next generations.

Water Purification Treatment

Water Management Services

Jordan is one of the most water stressed counties in the world. Straight Light Consultants (SLC) collaborates with qualified experts to conduct scientific research and provide evidence-based consulting services in:

  • Groundwater scientific research in water basins vulnerability, productivity

  • Groundwater management and managed aquifer recharge solutions ensuring water quality and long-term water sustainability for the next generations. 

  • Agricultural wells design and pumping tests to guarantee optimal productivity, water quality (salinity levels) and quantity

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Azraq’s Salt Industry Revitalisation

Throughout the centuries, Azraq has been a salt producing community until the early 1990s when its salt production fell in disarray for various socio-economic reasons.  Azraq’s salt reserves can support a sustainable salt production for at the next 70 years, with the potential to generate XXX JOD year, based on current prices.

SLC undertook a feasibility study for the production and export market potential of revitalizing Azraq’s salt industry based on modern production processes. Working with the local municipality and local communities, we developed a fair-trade business case to support local market development and support local livelihoods.

Cattle in Pasture

Dairy Farm and handmade cheese plant

The farm has 50 cows produce about 1 ton of milk/day, connected to a production operator to produce cheese, labaneh, butter and other dairy products. In this farm we are experiencing a plan for zero waste, and minimize the water use by using irrigation technology such as using underground irrigation and intercropping in transplantation. And also alternative water resources such as the re-use of grey water, using underground irrigation and intercropping in transplantation.

Hands in the Soil

Support Good Agricultural Practices in Jordan Valley

The project was done in Al Aghwar, Jordan with local municipalities. It aims on circular economy in a small scale, such as composting, recycling of waste and agriculture practices. This project was achieved in cooperation with the University of Jordan and INWRDAM, and produced a new agriculture practice of farmers.

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Organic Farming Project

Agriculture is a major user of freshwater resources.  SLC established a pilot project in Azraq to understand irrigation practices, identify new farming behaviors, suitable crops, and alternative business models, to reduce the water consumption and increase the profit for local farmers to help them embrace responsible irrigation practices. Our project built the accumulated knowledge national and international organizations and NGO projects to restore and re-habitat the wetland.
Our goal was to switch the farming model across the region towards water conservation agricultural practices that give the water basin a chance to recover, and restore itself, the springs, the habitats and then the environment

Jungle Waterfall

Integrated Management of Natural Resources

Based on a circular economy model, SLC put forward a regional redevelopment programme for Azraq  that explored synergies between agriculture, salt production and wastewater treatment and reuse. The programme included:

  • A Managed Aquifer Recharge scheme to collect rainwater water from seasonal streams around the Azraq Mudflat into local dams designed to allow the water to infiltrate to the aquifer in a natural way.

  • Recycling and reuse of water resources to stimulate efficient and multiple use of groundwater.

  • Wastewater management for recovery of raw materials and energy. 

  • Utilisation of Azraq's saline aquifer for salt production to revitalize the local economy, mining precious minerals and energy production. 

  • Revision of the local agriculture model to utilise grey water and desalinated water resources.

Herb Plants

Hydroponic Agriculture

With the cooperation of municipalities and Al-Bait University, a project aiming on supporting local communities in Northern Badia was achieved, where farmers were taught how to use the hydroponic agriculture in order to save water and at the same time have more productivity of vegetables and fruits.
This project was running for 2 years and few months. Its results were brilliant.


Zarqa River Project

  • Evaluated general flow of Zarqa River, defining water sources and quality of each source.

  • Studied the characteristics of sludge generated in treatment and define mechanism or reuse or disposal.

  • Studied microbial contamination in treated wastewater and possible impacts on human health

  • Achievements: Clear methods for sludge management and reuse in soil enhancement and hence reduction of water consumption. Recommendation for safe reuse of treated waste water in irrigation.

Mountain and River

Al Zarqa Torrent

Partnering with Deir Allah Municipality and Water Research Center of Jordan University, an agriculture project for saving ground water and safe reuse of grey water and treated waste water in a safe way in agriculture all long of Al Zarqa Torrent by planting some specific crops. This project aims on helping the farmers to increase their crops and save groundwater by using an alternative resource which is the grey water.

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Experiment Farm

In 1995, an experiment farm was established where a variety of fruitful trees was planted such as olives, dates, apples, grapes, pomegranate and other trees…. In addition to large green houses where grapes are planted.
This farm is of 5 acres, it is used for some experimental studies, for groundwater monitoring, monitoring the crop consumption rate and agriculture experiences.

Volcanic Water

Managed Aquifer Recharge Scheme

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) schemes can harvest rainwater naturally by concentrating water in areas were natural seepage can be exploited. SLC proposed MAR structures that are earth build and include no concrete or steel.This maintains the natural ecosystem in the area by reducing impact of climate change on water resilience. Our modelling of current flood events indicated that we can capture 40 cube tons of water in every major flooding event; equivalent to 1/4 of Jordan's annual consumption.

Take a walk a few KM’s from your next resort, here is what the beaches of the world really look like

Waste Management

SLC funds a local recycling initiative ro drive behavioral change. Working with young Azraqis and the Municipality of Azraq we constructed and placed 4 eye catching iron cages in the Market area of North Azraq and organised awareness campaigns to  collect and separate plastic and cardboard for recycling. Young Azraqis work with local merchants to drive the initiative with the support of the Municipality to reduce the quantity of trash in North Azraq and generate extra money for the community.

This was our way of giving back to the community and driving local change. Want to know more about what we have achieved?  Like us on Facebook: 

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Mr Dawoud Isied

Mr Isied (CEO) is responsible for the overall project coordination and advocacy with key local stakeholders. As hydrogeologist and environmental management specialist he has a strong background in environmental sciences, a deep understanding of climate change risks on the water resources of Azraq and practical experience in leading large-scale assessments on the ground. He has project management experience working with a number of international organizations such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), UNESCO and various public authorities in Jordan and the Middle East. Dawoud born and bred in Azraq and has been a driving force behind many environmental initiatives in the area, conducting training and capacity building workshops for the local youth and women associations, the Coop and has been a spokesman for environmental issues with the local authorities, as well as with the ministry of Water.  He is currently completing his PhD in Environmental Organizations Management with Grand Canyon University (USA) and has an MBA on the same topic from Ashford University (USA).

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Dawoud Isied : +962 790800764

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