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With a pinch of salt

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Traditionally, Azraq was a salt producing community until the early 1990s when its salt production fell in disarray due to a number of socio-economic conditions and unmodernised management and operational practices at the time.

Our recent feasibility study of Azraq’s salt reserves demonstrated that optimal levels of salt mining production at of 450K tons yearly can support a sustainable salt production in the next 70 years with the potential to generate XXX JOD year based on current prices and moderate market assumptions.

It's unique mineral composition and its pure nature - free of both microplastics and harmful heavy metals - makes a great edible salt. Moreover, SLC has explored the potential interest of international vendors of high-value, salt-based, products that could not only bring new streams of revenue to the local community but new avenues for capability and capacity building in the local economy. Finally, the high concentration of salt in Azraq's saline aquifer brings significant efficiencies throughout the salt production process, making it a noteworthy investment opportunity.

#saltmining #economicdevelopment

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