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Previous Work

Hydroponic Agriculture 2014-2016

With the cooperation of municipalities and Al-Bait University, a project aiming on supporting local communities in Northern Badia was achieved, where farmers were taught how to use the hydroponic agriculture in order to save water and at the same time have more productivity of vegetables and fruits.
This project was running for 2 years and few months. Its results were brilliant.

Support Good Agricultural Practices in Jordan Valley

Trees From Above


The project was done in Al Aghwar, Jordan with local municipalities. It aims on circular economy in a small scale, such as composting, recycling of waste and agriculture practices. This project was achieved in cooperation with the University of Jordan and INWRDAM, and produced a new agriculture practice of farmers.

Al Zarqa Torrent

Sustainable Energy


Partnering with Dier Allah Municipality and Water Research Center of Jordan University, an agricultureproject for saving ground water and safe reuse of grey water and treated waste water in a safe way in agriculture all long of Al Zarqa Torrent by planting some specific crops. This project aims on helping the farmers to increase their crops and save groundwater by using an alternative resource which is the grey water.

Process Automation

Pack of Fish

March 2001

This project is a great example of how I keep my clients’ best interests in mind. We started by conducting a thorough budget analysis, and slowly built a long-term plan for the next few phases. To learn more, contact me today.

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